2012 GT fishing meeting suported by WSF and Sea Angler

Swaffs was not only supporting his boys fishing, but also taking photos from the GT Meet at Deal 1919 club supported by worldseafishing.com and Sea Angler.
This was a day targeted at getting kids into fishing. We were also raising money for Help for Hero’s and R.N.L.I.


There was free bait, rigs, weights and tuition from the crew! a fantastic effort by all the supporters.


The rules were children only fishing from the pier (with some assistance from adults if necessary), as it was a length match, Dogfish were the target!


This girl caught her first ever fish, very impressive!

My family Ryan, Ben and Becce Swaffield got stuck in preparing bait (squid/lugworm, and blueys) and catching Dogfish

Ben is trying to make a cocktail below with a baiting needle.


All landed fish were measured (length), recorded and released, promoting catch and release.


The under 9 winner was a 6 year old who caught twice his body length in fish, what a star!

The weigh in was held at the Deal Angling Club and there were loads of prizes, goodie bags, and free drink/food.


Paul Fenech and Jay did a great job with the kids, including a quiz session with prizes 🙂


and of course our famous cupcakes!


Huge thanks go out  to  Jay (WSF) (Zipplex) Paul Fenech (Sea Angler) and the chaps from Deal Angling. The guys that gave up their time to sell raffle tickets instead of fishing

Not to mention everybody who donated time/effort to this cause.



Many more images in the gallery below.


PS the adults fished the beach and didn’t get anywhere near as many as the kids 🙂

If you have an event or special occasion, and need a photographer, give me a shout on the contact page.


  1. by RYEBOY on May 22, 2012  6:04 pm Reply

    Top piccies Mr Swaffs, i just wished i was a young'un again!!!!!!!

  2. by Angela Brown on May 22, 2012  8:10 pm Reply

    Hi Richard, this is Angela friend of Andy and Helen! the pictures are fab, I just wondered if you could e-mail me the ones with the children in (James, Josh , Davina Emily and Drew) ? the website wont let me take them. Thanks

  3. by swaffs on May 22, 2012  8:30 pm Reply

    Guys, just tell me which image numbers you want e.g (64/98) and I'll send them over. I don't have an option for image download.

  4. by mark cross on June 11, 2012  8:03 pm Reply

    anychance you can send me number 50? Its charlie getting his trophy from paul fenech? many thanks.

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