2010 Pride London – LGBT supporters paint the town ruby red

3rd july – parade day

This year LGBT supporters painted the town ruby red as they celebrated 40 years of the Gay Liberation Front. The GLF was a revolutionary group of radical queens, hippies, students and activists who brought LGBT rights out in to the open. Famous for their street theatre, radical drag, kiss-ins and organising the first Pride March the GLF lived in communes all over London.

With glorious sunshine, let’s bring back 1970 in all it’s disco glory. with a flower in your hair, dust off those platforms and wear a frock with a fabulous hat. The 8 original GLF demands are still relevant today. So bring a message and walk with Pride.

The march set off from Baker Street at 1pm and proceeded down Oxford Street and Regent Street taking in some of the major sites of London as and swung round through Piccadilly to Trafalgar Square.
In Trafalgar Square there was an eclectic mix of speakers, stalls and a great line up of main stage performers from 3 p.m. In Soho the streets were closed to traffic and a street party was in full swing.
With stages and bars dotted around you’ll find plenty of entertainment or a place to chill with mates or space to make new friends. There truly wa a place for everyone at this fabulous free event.

I was there to capture this day in all it’s glory, photographs below.

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